The Capital Habeas Corpus Unit (CHU) represents both state and federally death-sentenced prisoners in post-conviction proceedings throughout Pennsylvania and, in some instances, in jurisdictions outside of Pennsylvania. Through a multi-faceted team approach, the CHU provides its clients with the highest level of legal representation with respect to their convictions and death sentences, and prides itself on treating its clients with dignity and respect. CHU personnel regularly litigate in the federal district court, courts of appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. CHU staff also provide training and consultation to members of the private bar handling capital post-conviction cases.

Chief, Capital Habeas Unit
Assistant Chief, Capital Habeas Unit
Director of Training

Supervisory Assistant Federal Defender

  • Aren Adjoian
  • Cristi Charpentier
  • Kerry Levy

Research & Writing Attorney

  • Anastassia Baldrige
  • Hayden Nelson-Major
  • Robert Rieske
  • Jessica Tsang
  • Sam Welch
  • Ali Wright

Assistant Federal Defender

  • Samuel Angell
  • Rosemary Auge
  • Andrew Childers
  • Katherine Ensler
  • Annie Fisher
  • Michael Gonzales
  • Joanne Heisey
  • Timothy Kane
  • Alex Kursman
  • Hunter Labovitz
  • Matthew Lawry
  • Lynne Leonard
  • Joseph Luby
  • Elizabeth McHugh
  • Maura McNally
  • James Moreno
  • Eric Motylinski
  • Jahaan Shaheed
  • Sonali Shahi
  • Loren Stewart
  • Katherine Thompson
  • Tracy Ulstad
  • Claudia Van Wyk
  • Leor Veleanu
  • Peter Walker
  • Ayanna Williams
  • Peter Williams
  • David Zuckerman


  • Luis Batiz
  • Rachel Bee
  • Cassandra Belter
  • Theodore Brandon
  • Stacie Brown
  • Sharif Esmail
  • Sean Gardiner
  • Julie Hyman
  • Jessica Johnson
  • Sadie Kosaber
  • Rick Ruffin
  • Pamela Tucker

Senior Litigator

  • Stuart Lev


  • Kathrin Hennig
  • Erin Lyons
  • Sara McLachlan
  • Quinton Meil
  • Christina Mott
  • Sandra Castro
  • Constance Ward
  • Marcia White
  • Miranda Yost